When you go to see a doctor or have to visit a hospital for any reason, you have a degree of reasonable expectation that you will receive competent, compassionate medical care. 

Unfortunately, doctors often overwork themselves and have little time to focus on the personalized care of their many patients. Thus, mistakes can easily be made that equate to medical malpractice.

Common Complaints Filed Against Doctors and Hospitals

It’s important to note that just having frustration with a doctor or hospital is not necessarily grounds for lodging a complaint or filing a medical malpractice claim.

And it’s also worth instilling the point that medical care is highly complex. There are times when even the best medical providers are not able to successfully treat a patient’s illness or disease. 

That said, nothing can justify poor care from the medical industry. And there are certain behaviors and actions that absolutely require a complaint, such as:

Misdiagnosis: Although doctors can make mistakes, failing to correctly diagnose serious diseases due to misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis may have tragic consequences for the affected patients and may therefore be unacceptable.

Medication Errors: This can include receiving a prescription for the wrong medicine or improper dosage, failure to instruct the patient as to how they should use the medicine, discussing potential side effects, and administration errors. Such errors warrant a medical complaint.

Premature Release: It is important to discharge patients at the right time and under appropriate guidance with instructions. If the patient gets discharged before they are ready or discharged without proper instructions, harm may occur, which would call for a complaint.

Improper Treatment: When a patient has a certain disease or condition, the patient may need medication, treatment, surgery, or other medical care. Failure to prescribe the correct treatment or surgery — or performing unnecessary treatment or surgery — are all worthy of complaints.

Whenever a doctor violates his duty to care for a patient, filing a complaint will help protect other patients and hold the doctor responsible for his negligence.

Filing a Complaint

We previously discussed how to find complaints against doctors and hospitals. When you do a background search on doctors or hospitals, it’s important to take a step back to try to gain a better look at the big picture. 

Consider for a moment that one of the doctors’ scores may indicate that they have a high success rate among their patients. However, that physician may also refuse to treat patients that are high-risk. This can distort the doctor’s rating. 

Similarly, you might find physicians who have lower success rates who are in fact excellent doctors who truly care about every person who walks through their doors, including patients that present challenging cases.

These are all very important factors to consider. But if you notice any red flags in the background of a doctor, you may just need to discuss your concerns with them. If the doctor refuses to discuss them with you, this should trigger additional concerns and red flags, and you should probably seek medical care elsewhere.

Some of the same rules apply if you are injured due to medical negligence. If you are unable to discuss your injury with the doctor or hospital and reach a reasonable agreement, you have no choice but to take legal action. That’s where the trusted names at the Doctor Lawyer Firm come in.

Our experience allows us to provide the legal representation you deserve. With both medical and legal backgrounds, the team of Sowell and Chakour know what it takes to communicate medical malpractice claims to the medical establishment and negotiate settlements.

If an agreeable solution cannot be reached, the Doctor Lawyer Firm will fight for your rights in court so that you receive the maximum compensation for your pain and suffering. If you believe you are the victim of medical malpractice or negligence of any kind, we encourage you to contact us right away.

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Matthew Sowell is one of the few Florida lawyers certified by the Florida Bar and the American Board of Professional Liability. He is also the founding chairman of the Stroke Litigation Group. Over the years, Matt has won millions of dollars in verdicts, ensuring that his clients are awarded the compensation they deserve in challenging medical malpractice cases.

Fadi Chakour is a former medical doctor who left the field to practice law in medical malpractice litigation. As a doctor, he treated many patients and loved ones who were injured due to the negligence of other physicians. Fadi’s combined medical and legal knowledge makes him a powerful advocate for injured people who are victims of medical negligence.

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